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Again, the official record of the proceedings of the house of representatives for Might 10, 1837, says: “The members assembled ac- cording to the adjournment but owing to the storm of the previous evening, and the insufficiency of the constructing, the flooring being flooded with water, and the hall unfit for the transaction of enterprise, on motion, adjourned till tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock.” Three Might 15, an effort was made in the Senate to have a particular committee appointed “to obtain a room for the senate to meet in the present session.” 4 And on Could 20, a movement was made within the home to have Major Ward, the contractor, discontinue “such labor on this home as disturbs the deliberations of congress throughout the hours of its session.” 5 Nor was congress worse situated than the various departments of the government.

  1. Jones to John R. Harris Dr. 1829, March 18. To storage on two bales cotton, $1.00.” He was known as a very good planter, and the hospitality for which Texans had been noted was well main- Sketch of Oliver Jones and His Spouse, Rebecca Jones. One hundred seventy-nine trained at his dwelling, where he and his wife gladly shared their professionals- party with friends and with the stranger within their gates. While they never parted with this home, but about 1859, they moved to Galveston and bought a handsome residence, where they lived till the breaking out of the conflict between the States obliged them, along with a lot of the residents of Galveston, to refugee to the inside of the State, after that, appreciating of their old age increasingly more the companionship of pricey friends, they spent a lot of their time in Houston.

Mrs. Jones died in that metropolis on the residence of Colonel Cornelius Ennis on December twenty-fourth, 1865. She and her husband were vastly beloved by all this family, whose younger members, in common with a few others of old buddies, showed their love by endearing titles of make-imagine kinship, ad- dressing them at all times as “Uncle,” and “Aunty Jones.” Their de- votion QEN adult ads to each other was of a sort seldom equaled never sur- handed. Each lived for the other, and both for their buddies. This wonderful pair, without children, by the charm of their friendliness, were made members of a household circle restricted solely by the number of kids of their pals. Mrs. Jones was properly educated; she was gentle and dignified in method, tall and well-formed, engaging in person, and gifted with remarkable conversational powers.